Brightest led light bulbs for Your Car

Everyone welcome back today I’ll be reviewing some Dio dynamics XP 50 reverse lights for your car is probably one of the brightest reverse lights on the market today. Now in the package you get to Bob’s obviously each is rated at about 410 lumen output they calculate their limit I’ll put a little different than other manufacturers so see the description on. How the all that stuff works. Nineties feel like a good quality ball they don’t feel like you’re. Typical Amazon cheap.

Brightest led light bulbsChina fine but the only problem I ran into is the connectors on the bottom didn’t really match up with them you know halogen bald so really all you gotta do is. Take your fingernail and slide the connectors over to world imagine that I shall be good. The for comparison here’s the stock halogen bulbs on my 2012 crews. Visit site for more info LED lights They’re kind of bright but. I wanted something a little bit brighter swear. I can see where I’m going at night when I’m back up. And here’s the XP 50 LEDs I’m not sure why the right one looks yellow it’s not in person. But as you can see there really bright.

I like to compare to I can make a light like an led light bulbs mag lite any side. The camera doesn’t do justice here but these things are shining about 10 to 12 feet behind my car I mean big improvement. Not install these on a Chevy Cruze you need to pop the trunk go over your tail light take a really screw driver and pop those Oct 2 covers off and what you pop those covers off you’ll be greeted with. To Phillips head screws. I’m gonna need to take a Phillips head screwdriver and unscrew those groups. Then after you get done with that you need to take a piece of string and wrapped around the corner of the tail light there and don’t be afraid to give it a good tug I mean you’re gonna break at their inner really good.

So I have to get off at the tail light should pop out and you need to go to the bottom right socket or the bottom left socket for the other side and turn the. Socket counterclockwise and pull the ball about the once get the ball about but the other one back in reverse the steps and for your new boss now these are great led light bulbs and I would recommend anybody in their worth. All right guys that’s it for today’s video if you enjoyed this please be sure to leave a like if you have any questions or comments about the product leave that down below also. Please be sure to hit that subscribe button today I upload often so have a good one guys thicker.