2015 Nissan Altima – Review and Road Test

Among midsize sedans the Nissan Altima is what we call quietly successful the Honda accord and Toyota Camry get a lot of. But the ultima cells and surprisingly Bignami. Fact Nissan sells more also. And anything else. But they would love to sell even more and this fifth generation Altima sedan is there tend to do just that. If you like the current swoop be state of Nissan styling you’ll like the newest album. The Sheik that’s expressive without being weird while also sporting a slip free efficiency enhancing point 299 drag coefficient. More interesting than the exterior or interior details like a standard cloth upholstery seemingly inspired by a mob bosses tracksuit and this inexplicably angled gauge cluster display maybe Nissan got a deal on slightly oversized screens. And then there are the so called 0 gravity seats. Designed to emulate the posture of orbiting astronauts. Like 10 different teams do the job by her revelation. Put another way if I asked you how you like the seats your first response would include mention of the space program. But we shouldn’t get caught up in specifics taking tears a hole and give a contemporary usable design.

2015 Nissan AltimaNotice there’s no soft touch stashed the Nissan did soften the services you’re most likely to touch. Smart move in our opinion. As for passenger accommodations they are well. Accommodating. The front quarters are spacious enough as is rear seat legroom the headspace back it’s kind of tight. At 5 foot 10 my hair lightly touches the headliner in the outboard positions. The center seat things are much worse. Now back is a 15.4 cubic foot trunk featuring a wide opening. The rear seats do fall not quite flat the pastor is on the small side. Remember that if you need to haul bulky items. In the battle between ride and handling latest Alta plates it’s flag in the DMZ that lies between. Neither excessively soft nor overtly sporty welcomes road manners elicit words like poised and confident. Coupled with a supple suspension that absorbs impact like a memory foam pinata P. sons midsize entry is the proverbial Jack of all trades. Central shortcomings include breaks that are a little too sensitive. It’s during that can feel somewhat heavy in parking lots. We’re told the Altima benefits from active understeer control which breaks the inside front wheel during hard cornering to mitigate understeer.

It sounds a defined system we got most drivers will actually look how it’s working. We didn’t. Unlike an increasing number of competitors Nissan Altima can still be had with the V6 big power is great but for normal use the force owners totally up to snuff sprinting to 60 in slightly more than 7 seconds according to Nissan while also delivering outstanding fuel economy. Regardless of engine all autumn is utilized continuously variable transmissions. Xcelerated from a standstill interesting a moment to rise resulting in initial sluggishness. But otherwise the CD. He’s operation largely fate. After my high points include standard keyless entry with push button start a brilliant system that uses headlight flashes in the horn tell you when the tires are properly inflated gave, an 2008 Nissan Altima coupe headlights optional package that bundles blind spot warning lane departure warning in the feature that warns of approaching vehicles in reversing to supplement the safety of the standard stability control and 6 airbags.

Add a bit more than $22000 including destination Nissan Altima’s base price is a bit pricier than the VW Passat and Hyundai sonata cheaper than the Toyota Camry and Chevy Malibu and about in line with the Honda accord. Look up in all the V6 keep expect pay more than $30000. And much like its prices we expect the Altima’s resale values to also fall mid pack. Like a trip to the cheesecake factory mid size sedan category is overflowing with options. If you dig Nissan’s design sensibilities want excellent fuel economy without paying for a hybrid and you appreciate a talented all around that does everything pretty darn well fifth generation Altima remains a smart choice.