2015 Dodge Charger SXT – Car Reviews

The Dodge charger has been associated with being an American muscle car for a long time but some would say that putting a V6, and it would take it out of that category so is this a muscle car. Or is it a sedan this at the 2015 Dodge charger SXT and you’re watching 90 second car reviews. Southern legend this is me at 16 trim level which does come equipped with a 3.6 liter V6 – raising 200. The horsepower 200 We have talked. Bear prefer the V. 6 isn’t all bad you do get the advantage of still economy with the rate at 12.4 liters per 0 kilometers in the city and 7.6 on the highway with this trim level and the V6 I wouldn’t call this a true muscle car but it is a very nice sedan. I was sitting in the back and there is a lot of room and very comfortable seats now in this trim level or not whether but still very comfortable.

Dodge Charger SXT

Now regardless of what I do you get in this car you look at the design a percentage of having a Dodge charger which was updated for the year of 2015 giving at this futuristic get so aggressive style on the front. The rear end is also redesigned for 2015 providing this very large rear light which just blows it and brings it all together as well as rather than a latch to open the trunk there’s a button here which allows you to open the trunk and the trunk space is quite spacious interior is nothing too special to be and there’s lots of plastic and fabric on this trend model. Living on the edge here that I do really like is this piece here I’m not sure what it’s made out of but it just gives it a really nice look. Around the entire instrument cluster. They’re selling this car for 22.000$. Which I think it is a wonderful deal what you’re getting for it is a lot of cars. Additional information Dodge Charger SXT headlights see at http://skinlighteningideas.com/dodge-charger/headlights.html.