2015 Dodge Charger SXT – Car Reviews

The Dodge charger has been associated with being an American muscle car for a long time but some would say that putting a V6, and it would take it out of that category so is this a muscle car. Or is it a sedan this at the 2015 Dodge charger SXT and you’re watching 90 second car reviews. Southern legend this is me at 16 trim level which does come equipped with a 3.6 liter V6 – raising 200. The horsepower 200 We have talked. Bear prefer the V. 6 isn’t all bad you do get the advantage of still economy with the rate at 12.4 liters per 0 kilometers in the city and 7.6 on the highway with this trim level and the V6 I wouldn’t call this a true muscle car but it is a very nice sedan. I was sitting in the back and there is a lot of room and very comfortable seats now in this trim level or not whether but still very comfortable.

Dodge Charger SXT

Now regardless of what I do you get in this car you look at the design a percentage of having a Dodge charger which was updated for the year of 2015 giving at this futuristic get so aggressive style on the front. The rear end is also redesigned for 2015 providing this very large rear light which just blows it and brings it all together as well as rather than a latch to open the trunk there’s a button here which allows you to open the trunk and the trunk space is quite spacious interior is nothing too special to be and there’s lots of plastic and fabric on this trend model. Living on the edge here that I do really like is this piece here I’m not sure what it’s made out of but it just gives it a really nice look. Around the entire instrument cluster. They’re selling this car for 22.000$. Which I think it is a wonderful deal what you’re getting for it is a lot of cars. Additional information Dodge Charger SXT headlights see at http://skinlighteningideas.com/dodge-charger/headlights.html.

2015 Nissan Altima – Review and Road Test

Among midsize sedans the Nissan Altima is what we call quietly successful the Honda accord and Toyota Camry get a lot of. But the ultima cells and surprisingly Bignami. Fact Nissan sells more also. And anything else. But they would love to sell even more and this fifth generation Altima sedan is there tend to do just that. If you like the current swoop be state of Nissan styling you’ll like the newest album. The Sheik that’s expressive without being weird while also sporting a slip free efficiency enhancing point 299 drag coefficient. More interesting than the exterior or interior details like a standard cloth upholstery seemingly inspired by a mob bosses tracksuit and this inexplicably angled gauge cluster display maybe Nissan got a deal on slightly oversized screens. And then there are the so called 0 gravity seats. Designed to emulate the posture of orbiting astronauts. Like 10 different teams do the job by her revelation. Put another way if I asked you how you like the seats your first response would include mention of the space program. But we shouldn’t get caught up in specifics taking tears a hole and give a contemporary usable design.

2015 Nissan AltimaNotice there’s no soft touch stashed the Nissan did soften the services you’re most likely to touch. Smart move in our opinion. As for passenger accommodations they are well. Accommodating. The front quarters are spacious enough as is rear seat legroom the headspace back it’s kind of tight. At 5 foot 10 my hair lightly touches the headliner in the outboard positions. The center seat things are much worse. Now back is a 15.4 cubic foot trunk featuring a wide opening. The rear seats do fall not quite flat the pastor is on the small side. Remember that if you need to haul bulky items. In the battle between ride and handling latest Alta plates it’s flag in the DMZ that lies between. Neither excessively soft nor overtly sporty welcomes road manners elicit words like poised and confident. Coupled with a supple suspension that absorbs impact like a memory foam pinata P. sons midsize entry is the proverbial Jack of all trades. Central shortcomings include breaks that are a little too sensitive. It’s during that can feel somewhat heavy in parking lots. We’re told the Altima benefits from active understeer control which breaks the inside front wheel during hard cornering to mitigate understeer.

It sounds a defined system we got most drivers will actually look how it’s working. We didn’t. Unlike an increasing number of competitors Nissan Altima can still be had with the V6 big power is great but for normal use the force owners totally up to snuff sprinting to 60 in slightly more than 7 seconds according to Nissan while also delivering outstanding fuel economy. Regardless of engine all autumn is utilized continuously variable transmissions. Xcelerated from a standstill interesting a moment to rise resulting in initial sluggishness. But otherwise the CD. He’s operation largely fate. After my high points include standard keyless entry with push button start a brilliant system that uses headlight flashes in the horn tell you when the tires are properly inflated gave, an 2008 Nissan Altima coupe headlights optional package that bundles blind spot warning lane departure warning in the feature that warns of approaching vehicles in reversing to supplement the safety of the standard stability control and 6 airbags.

Add a bit more than $22000 including destination Nissan Altima’s base price is a bit pricier than the VW Passat and Hyundai sonata cheaper than the Toyota Camry and Chevy Malibu and about in line with the Honda accord. Look up in all the V6 keep expect pay more than $30000. And much like its prices we expect the Altima’s resale values to also fall mid pack. Like a trip to the cheesecake factory mid size sedan category is overflowing with options. If you dig Nissan’s design sensibilities want excellent fuel economy without paying for a hybrid and you appreciate a talented all around that does everything pretty darn well fifth generation Altima remains a smart choice.

Brightest led light bulbs for Your Car

Everyone welcome back today I’ll be reviewing some Dio dynamics XP 50 reverse lights for your car is probably one of the brightest reverse lights on the market today. Now in the package you get to Bob’s obviously each is rated at about 410 lumen output they calculate their limit I’ll put a little different than other manufacturers so see the description on. How the all that stuff works. Nineties feel like a good quality ball they don’t feel like you’re. Typical Amazon cheap.

Brightest led light bulbsChina fine but the only problem I ran into is the connectors on the bottom didn’t really match up with them you know halogen bald so really all you gotta do is. Take your fingernail and slide the connectors over to world imagine that I shall be good. The for comparison here’s the stock halogen bulbs on my 2012 crews. Visit site for more info LED lights http://greattripprices.com. They’re kind of bright but. I wanted something a little bit brighter swear. I can see where I’m going at night when I’m back up. And here’s the XP 50 LEDs I’m not sure why the right one looks yellow it’s not in person. But as you can see there really bright.

I like to compare to I can make a light like an led light bulbs mag lite any side. The camera doesn’t do justice here but these things are shining about 10 to 12 feet behind my car I mean big improvement. Not install these on a Chevy Cruze you need to pop the trunk go over your tail light take a really screw driver and pop those Oct 2 covers off and what you pop those covers off you’ll be greeted with. To Phillips head screws. I’m gonna need to take a Phillips head screwdriver and unscrew those groups. Then after you get done with that you need to take a piece of string and wrapped around the corner of the tail light there and don’t be afraid to give it a good tug I mean you’re gonna break at their inner really good.

So I have to get off at the tail light should pop out and you need to go to the bottom right socket or the bottom left socket for the other side and turn the. Socket counterclockwise and pull the ball about the once get the ball about but the other one back in reverse the steps and for your new boss now these are great led light bulbs and I would recommend anybody in their worth. All right guys that’s it for today’s video if you enjoyed this please be sure to leave a like if you have any questions or comments about the product leave that down below also. Please be sure to hit that subscribe button today I upload often so have a good one guys thicker.

Toyota iQ

Toyota iQToyota iQ made its debut at the Geneva motor show in 2008. The concept has attracted the attention of many people due to the design of Toyota futuristic appearance by Studio ED2. The visitors were pleased with the car of the other exhibition – the Frankfurt motor show 2009. Toyota iQ is the smallest car in the brand line-up.

Despite the modest size of the machine, it accommodates four passengers. Due to the size of the cabin all the basic controls had been installed as close as possible to each other. If you are transporting cargo, you can fold the rear seats that increase the luggage compartment. Depending on the modification of the car Toyota iQ can be equipped with Toyota Corolla led headlights and both 3-cylinder and 4 – cylinder power unit.

The maximum volume of the motor is 1.33 liters. The car belongs to a class of economical, as its consumption is only 5 liters of fuel per 100 km.

The new Porsche Panamera immediately set a record for the Nurburgring.

panameraPorsche Panamera Turbo of a new generation was able to drive “Northern loop” of Nurburgring in 7 minutes 38 seconds. The Germans claimed that this is a new track record among sedans. The new “Panamera” for one second broke the previous record set in the autumn of 2015 by 510-strong “charged” sedan Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde. In addition, the achievement of novelty repeats lap of Nurburgring by supercars Lexus LF-A and the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

Hatchback Porsche Panamera of second generation as well debuted Tuesday night, June 28, 2016. Turbo version is equipped with a four-liter gasoline twin-turbo “eight”, which develops 550 horsepower and 770 Nm of torque. The motor works with the new eight-step “robot” with two clutches. This “Panamera” is able to gain first “hundred” for 3,6 seconds, and its maximum speed is 306 kilometers per hour.

What kind of auto parts is more preferable.

auto partsWhen it comes to automotive parts, word every car owner wants to insert its authoritative, sharing their own experiences. And opinions are different, and they are divided about equally. Some car owners are committed to purchase only new parts and components, others argue that sometimes paying dearly, you can get the item from the factory marriage, and no one will compensate the damage. The opinion of both is under a sufficient reason. There are minorities, which advocate a more rational approach, which is not marked by emotional statements. Reason tells them that the most important thing is to buy a serviceable item, even if it is after auto-dismantling But the item has to be from the manufacturer, not made in a handicraft workshop without compliance technology, even if it is wrapped in a nice package and have not yet been exploited.

Tips are good, but everyone does as intuition and inner voice tell him. And best of all it is to listen to the advice of those who every day has been repairing cars and knows the business firsthand. You can find these professionals in solid garages that have a good reputation. And you can search the Internet.